HSE Policy and Procedure Development

Development of customized written Health, Safety, and Environmental Policies and Procedures, such as specific Process Safety Management elements, Confined Space Permitting, Safe Line Breaking, Ergonomics, Gas Meter Use, Work Permitting ("hot" and "cold"), Fall Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Chemical Protective Clothing, Respiratory Protection, Storm Water, Spill Reporting, Emergency Response Plans (all four disciplines) and Waste Minimization.

  • The development of customized policies and procedures that are totally compliant with regulations and local or corporate directives, which identify roles and responsibilities of personnel.
  • The development of easy to read and follow procedures so that all readers can comprehend their responsibilities and what the company expects of them.
  • The development of employee ownership of safety and health programs by including various plant committees, task forces, or other affected work groups in the review stage.
  • The implementation of policies and procedures by means of classroom or computer-based training, using techniques and graphics that will get the programs off to a great start.
  • The development of guidelines for process hazard management teams to establish a solid framework for compliance and implementation of a comprehensive process safety program.